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Sorry for the inactivity, I've really gotten out of the habit of posting stuff. To be honest, I'm probably not going to get back into the habit, so don't expect more than maybe some fanfictions and doll games from now on.


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Two minutes.

That's how long Sofie had left on her timer. The timer so carefully embedded into her fragile glass wrist that would tell her when she would meet her soulmate. The timer with scratches of varying depths around it from all the times she had tried to take it out.

One minute, thirty-seven seconds.

Looking around, Sofie pondered why she would meet her soulmate here. The library with the misspelled sign out front in Snowdin. Snowdin, where she usually wouldn't be on a good day, where it got cold enough for her skin to crack. An instinct deep in her hollow chest dragged her here with the force of a starving beast.

One minute, ten seconds.

With a growing swarm of butterflies in her stomach, Sofie wished that she had done something to make herself look nicer. Not that she could have done much, with most of her clothes and physical features made a part of her body. Still, a scarf or a new skirt tied around her torso would have made her look better.

Fifty seconds.

The glass doll watched the door with a growing anxiety. After much internal debate, it was decided that if no one came in within the next thirty seconds, than it would just be better to leave. After all, who would really want to be with a glass doll? Not only would they treat her like she was about to shatter, but they would likely have to leave Snowdin, and she was not about to make someone leave their home.

Thirty-five seconds.

With a glance at the timer, Sofie slipped  out of the library earlier than she had intended to. Obviously the timer was wrong, no monster in the Underground would choose to be with her. As she made her way towards Waterfall, snow stuck to her already frozen skin. The only warm part of her was the few tears she allowed herself to shed.

Ten seconds.

Near the border between Snowdin and Waterfall, she tripped into a snowdrift. Rolling onto her back, she closed her eyes and resigned to staying there until she cracked.

Five seconds.

Someone sat next to her, but she didn't bother looking to see who.

Zero seconds.

Sofie's pouting was interrupted by someone draping a jacket over her torso. Sitting up, she looked at a skeleton wearing a red turtleneck vest and a grey beanie with a lightly glowing red puff of hair acting as bangs. Their eyes glowed red as they looked down at her with a smile. Sofie sat up, shrugging the baby chick yellow coat over her shoulders. Finally, the skeleton spoke up. "I don't mean to intrude, but this is snow place for a meltdown."

Maybe it was the fact that her emotions were already running freely or maybe the pun was just perfectly executed. Either way, Sofie's gentle giggles slowly grew into full-hearted laughter. Even the stranger joined in. Once she calmed down, Sofie wiped a tear from her eye and held her tiny hand out to the skeleton. "My name is Sofie." Taking her hand, the stranger replied, "I'm Dakota. Ice to meet you, Sofie. Glad I could make you smile."
The Countdown That Matters
Sofie and Dakota meet for the first time in this au where you meet your soulmate when your timer reaches zero.

Sofie the Glass Doll is mine
Handwriting Dakota belongs to Iamhappytard
Undertale belongs to Toby Fox

I sat up, panting and sweating in the dark room. Patting the surface around me, I had to remind myself that the dream I had just woken up from wasn't real. Listening for a moment, I could hear the gentle breathing of the purple gem I was so enamored with. Letting out a huge breath, I started to calm down. Laying back down on the stiff yet comfortable bed, I remembered every detail from the dream. It had been a memory, and not one that I had ever wanted to remember.

Ammolite, Calcite, Honey and I had just gotten back from a mission. It had been Calcite's first mission, a secret known only to the four of us. Honey and I were fused into Citrine the entire time. In all, the mission had been successful. We found the rogue gem and bubbled it, safely sending it to the Tower where we lived. Calcite, being as timid as ever, apologized to the gem after we had poofed it.

When we warped home, the three of us were all smiles. Calcite had been so nervous about her first mission and was glad that it had gone so well. However, her face fell as the figure of Smoky Quartz loomed over her. It was obvious that we had been on a mission, and it was even more obvious that Smoky was not happy at all. Drawing sickle, she made a swift, yet surgical slice across Calcite's chest, just missing the gem on her neck. What happened next is a little fuzzy in my head. I remember a short scream, followed by the well-known poof of a gem's form disappearing. Before her gem even hit the floor, I remember tearing myself out of the fusion with Honey. Rage dominated my mind and body. Unlike Honey, I had never been good at concealing my emotions.

I remember flying at Smoky Quartz, Honey and Ammolite's hand gripping my wrists to keep me from tearing the high-class gem apart. From their loose grips, I could tell that they were just as mad as I was. By the time they let me go, Smoky had already warped away from the Tower. I gently picked up the angular crystal that held my beloved Calcite and retreated to my room.

Over the next few days, I never let Calcite's gem go. Almost exactly a week later, I had to leave the gem behind so that it wouldn't get injured on a mission. When I returned I found a shivering Calcite curled up under my covers.

Looking at the purple gem beside me, I gently brushed my fingers through the violet curls. Her lavender skin appeared grey in the low light. I could just barely make out the outline of her beautifully chubby body under the covers. My hand retreated for a moment as she started to shift. I was worried that I had awoken her, only to find her arms wrapped around my much smaller body. Returning the gesture, I buried my head into her shoulder, hiding the warm tears that streamed down my cheeks and into her smooth clothes.

In that darkness, I swore to myself that she would never be hurt again.
Just a Bad Dream
A short fic from the perspective of Iamhappytard's oc, Poppy Topaz.

The first time seeing a loved one disappear isn't the easiest thing to deal with.

Poppy c :iconiamhappytard:
Calcite c me
The Non-Gemstones by IsabellaSweets
The Non-Gemstones
Final shot of all of the gems from my friends and I.

Honey and Poppy Topaz c :iconiamhappytard:
Ammolite c :iconkaseithefox16:
Smoky Quartz, Cobalt, and Calcite c me

Doll maker:…


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I do requests, bases, and adopts. I'm not quite popular enough to do commissions, but who knows what the future holds.
I am a multi-fandom artist, from Sonic to MLP to Homestuck to Five Nights at Freddy's.
Feel free to note me if you want anything!
Give a llama, get a llama by AskGoorooSTAMP: Asexual Pride by FlameExorcistBiromantic by Tea-StrawberryAsexual and Polyromantic by flying-wolf-32
Please tell me if you find something offensive or misrepresented, I try to be supportive of everyone that I can be.

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